Cute Anime Characters

When my English teacher went over his slideshow of books that he recommended, especially the graphic novels, it made me think, “Hey this looks interesting. It’s kind of like manga!” I don’t read manga, but I watch anime. Watching anime is something I love to do during my spare time. Some anime that I really liked in particular are Beyond the Boundary and Free!, which both have really interesting plots. They also have lots of cute characters in them. I made a list of some of the characters I found cute.

Characters from Free!:

rin nanase
Rin Matsuoka. He aspires to swim on a worldly level. His specialty in swimming is butterfly. Haruka Nanase, but his friends call him Haru. The only type of swimming he does is freestyle.
makoto nagisa
Makoto Tachibana. On his swim team, he does backstroke. He’s really close to Haru and cares about his friends. Nagisa Hazuki. He specializes in breaststroke. He’s really outgoing and strange. He’s also really smart.
Rei Ryugazaki. He used to be on the track team, but later he was convinced to be on the swim team. He swims butterfly. Gou Matsuoka. She is the manager of the swim team and she is obsessed with muscles. That’s her expression when she looks at muscles.

Characters from Noragami:

Yato. He’s known as the Delivery God. He used to kill people but now he helps others for just 5 yen! Yukine (Sekki). He is Yato’s current Regalia, which is a god’s weapon. He has many problems.
Hiyori Iki. She met Yato when she was trying to save him, and now she’s half-human, half-Phantom. Kofuku. She’s a god of poverty, and a bit strange. She also has a Regalia named Daikoku.

Characters from Fairy Tail:

Erza Scarlet. Her last name was given because of the color of her hair. She uses requip magic. Wendy Marvell. She uses Sky Dragon Slayer magic. She has a pet Exceed named Carla. She’s awkward.
Gray Fullbuster. He uses Ice Make Magic. He has a habit of taking his clothes off but he doesn’t notice… Juvia Lockser. She uses Water Magic. She’s in love with Gray, but Gray doesn’t like her (yet).
Natsu Dragneel. He uses Fire Dragon Slayer Magic. He has a pet Exceed named Happy. He never gives up on his friends. Lucy Heartfilia. She uses Celestial Spirit Magic. She has a tight bond with all of her Spirits. She ran away from home.

Characters from Tokyo Ghoul:

Touka Kirishima. She’s a ghoul who tries to live life as normally as she can. Unfortunately she can’t eat human food. Kaneki Ken. He turned into a ghoul when a ghoul’s organs were transferred into his body. He also can’t eat human food.

Characters from Beyond the Boundary:

Mirai Kuriyama. She’s a Spirit Warrior who uses her blood as a weapon. She tried to kill Akihito many times. Akihito Kanbara. He’s half-youmu, half-human. He’s immortal and obsessed with girls in glasses.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed my list of cuties. Bye! -Megan


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