Really Cool Animes to Start Watching

As you can tell from my last post on anime, I’ve watched a couple of animes. I thought I would share some animes that people (especially beginners) should maybe consider watching! 

The first anime that I would recommend is Ao No Exorcist, or Blue Exorcist.


So basically, Blue Exorcist is about a boy named Rin Okumura who finds out that he is a spawn of Satan. After his adoptive father died from protecting him, Rin decided that he would become an exorcist and fight Satan to avenge his adoptive father. Since he is a spawn of Satan, he acquires these demonic powers through a sword called the Kurikara that he uses as he trains to become an exorcist. Rin also finds out that his brother, Yukio, is a trained exorcist and he becomes Rin’s teacher.

Another good anime that is worth watching is Noragami, which is one of my favorites!


Noragami is about a minor god named Yato who tries to climb his way to the top. He aspires to become a famous god, and he tries to achieve that through favors from people for just the price of 5 yen. One day while Yato is working on one of his jobs, a girl named Hiyori saves him from getting hit by a bus, and she turns into a half-human, half-phantom after she recovered from getting hit by a bus. When Hiyori falls asleep and becomes a Phantom, she spends this time hanging out with Yato or doing what ever, and when she “wakes up,” she is human again.

The next anime I would recommend is No Game No Life.


No Game No Life is about a pair of siblings who are anomalies of their world because their gaming skills and intelligence are beyond genius. So, they get transported into a world where every decision is decided by a game. Everyone must follow these set of rules for every game. These siblings, Shiro and Sora, aim to become the rulers of this universe, and they work together with the help of their friend, Steph.

WARNING:I wouldn’t recommend for children to watch because there are some inappropriate jokes and nudity.

Another anime that is somewhat similar to No Game No Life, but probably more child-friendly is Sword Art Online.


Sword Art Online is about a boy who begins this new video game with thousands of other people, but they can’t escape once they’ve logged in. The players are stuck in this universe and the only way they could escape is to complete the 100th floor and finish the game. The boy, Kirito is a beta player, a player who knows some information about the game, and he seems to be one of the only hopes who is able to finish the game. While he trains in this universe, he meets Asuna and they begin to work and fight together.
The next anime that is pretty cool is Tokyo Ghoul.

(If you don’t like seeing lots and lots of blood and people eating other people, skip this anime)


(By the way, in the first episode a ghoul pops out out of nowhere so be prepared for that..)

Tokyo Ghoul is about a boy named Kaneki who meets a girl. He asks the girl out on a date, but he doesn’t know that this girl was a ghoul. On the date, the ghoul lures Kaneki to an abandoned site where she plans to eat him. Luckily, she gets killed in an “accident” but Kaneki gets badly injured. After waking up in the hospital, he finds out that the ghoul’s organs were transferred into him, and he turns into a half-ghoul, half-human. He is unable to eat human food, such as hamburgers, mac & cheese, and other foods. Later on, a coffee shop owner helps him and gives him tips on how to survive as a ghoul.

I hope you watch these animes because they are pretty cool!! -Megan

I got my idea from this post, so check it out!


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