When Will My Reflection Show For 2014

It all started on January 1, 2014, 12:00 AM. I stayed up watching Clueless with my little sister and went over to my parent’s room to hug them and congratulate them on making it to the new year. I remember thinking, “Hey, this might be a good year for me.” Boy was I kind of right about that.

To be honest, I don’t really remember anything that happened between January 2014 and probably May 2014. In June, I remember saying good bye to my friends and wishing them luck on their summer homework, and I never saw them again until August..

During the summer, I did homework for AP Euro and English Honors. It seems weird how long it took me to finish up 4 sections of AP Euro during the summer and how long it takes the class to finish up a chapter in a week. For English, I read Mythology by Edith Hamilton. I actually liked this book. Because of the Percy Jackson and the Heros of Olympus series, I was extremely interested in the gods and their faults. For example, Zeus had sooooo many affairs, and Hera kept trying to hunt the poor ladies down. I also remember a story of two lovers that killed themselves due to misunderstanding, which gave a deep color to berries. I thought that story was pretty dumb but funny because the situation could’ve been avoided if both people didn’t overthink about their lover.

Also, I start watching anime (My first anime that I’ve ever watched was Ao Exorcist, if ATLA doesn’t count) and I’m glad that I started. Anime is like the best thing ever. I also made lots of friends and bonded more with my other friends and family members with anime! I wonder what I’d be doing right now without anime… Hmm..

When school came around, I was pretty excited. I couldn’t wait to see what kind of teachers I would have. First was history, and the class had to take a quiz on the first day of school. I thought I was prepared for this quiz, but while I was taking it, I blanked out and forgot some of the words. And I thought, “Darn it, this is going to make a bad beginning for my final grade later on.” I wish I studied more but instead I procrastinated. I guess the lesson that I learned here is to start early on everything, but in reality, I wasn’t going to do that for everything. Procrastination is a very difficult habit to break.

In my next class, the teacher asked us to be quiet. For a good reason though. He said that if we were quiet for a long period of time, our hearts would all beat simultaneously. I thought that was pretty deep. Later, we watched a video on how everyone makes things everyday and how life was scary, and I thought the video was really interesting. “We are all inventors.” Also, the teacher in that class was pretty chill.

Here’s that video I was talking about:

In my next class, we literally just sat for the whole period, doing nothing. Even though we did nothing in that class, I actually made a friend from one of my previous classes from last year, so I guess there was one good thing that came out of that class.

The next class was okay. We didn’t really do anything in there. In 5th period, the teacher already started teaching us! Why would there be teaching on the FIRST day of school?! Why?! But the teacher in there was pretty nice.

In 6th, the teacher was very, very intimidating. He told us to assign our own seats through alphabetical order (and that meant that this task required communication). I think I understand why the teacher told us to do that because lately due to technology, people have been less sociable and that can damage your career in the future. I’m kind of glad that he got us to do that task. Eventually after 20 minutes, we got ourselves in order.

Through the final months of school, I think I’ve changed. Towards December of 2014 to January 2015, I think I became more sociable? Like, I actually started having conversations with people that lasted more than 30 seconds, and I’m not that awkward anymore, I think. I also noticed that I put up my angry facade more often in the final months of 2014 and the beginning of 2015. My friend thinks that it’s a defense mechanism that I use. I think I use it to scare away people. Sometimes I forget that I leave my angry face up and scare away the wrong people (i.e.: this one cute guy) or making them think that I’m mad at them. Oops.
Also, around the winter time I think I become more paranoid and sad, but ehh, it doesn’t really matter..

So 2014 wasn’t that much of a drag. Thanks to this year, I started watching anime and I became more sociable. I guess it was pretty fun while it lasted. I hope 2015 brings good things (like maybe season 2 of Noragami or No Game No Life)

Thanks for reading my long post about my life! -Megan


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